August 4, 2011

New York Day 2 - Wedding

Eoywn and Galadriel handed out programs.  One of my cousins said, "THOSE are your daughters?!"  I know... they are lovely... they take after their mother ;) (haha-cough-cough)
The 3 stooges and their henchman.
Mommy, is this St. Barnabas?
Pippin fondly remembers the old hat clippers at a parish back home... nothing better than having something to DO while one is in church.
Frodo served
and so did Sam.  They did a great job as well as their cousin P, who also served
As the groom waits for his bride-y.  Fr. Darr was an exceptional homist.  Next to him is Fr. Ron E. (who later will be known as Fr. Magic-Tricks.  He was a classmate of my sisters in college... they were in the class behind mine.  He very kindly obtained for me, during his seminary years, a first class relic of my patron, St. Julie Billiart.  I'm indebted...
Dad passes off the bride-y
During Mass Pippin kept asking Is this a High Mass? Is it almost over?
But Uncle R said he kept asking Aunt M the same thing *chuckle*

Eleanor was adorable! The flowers were truly lovely.  The wedding was beautiful.
Aunt S. & Uncle R.

Uncle B and Aunt M.... stay tuned for a future at their house..... oh... and that's of course Marigold and Aragorn.
A cousins (grandkids) picture.  Adorable or what?
This is a treasured moment. This is my longest lasting friend, we have been friends since I was 7 when we first moved to NY.  She and her sister lived kitty corner from us.... I had asked for prayers for this beautiful lady a while back, I forget if I asked them here or just to private friends. She suffered from cancer for quite a long while and she is a beautiful success story! May God continue to bless her as well has her husband and 3 darling children.
Flower girls carrying the train, adorable or what?

This is my whole family. I have 3 sisters and 3 BILS, 7 neices and nephews and 11 children... hmm... we win! :)
My family
My husband, myself and our children.
Nora's family
Sheila's family
Bride-y and her 9 flower girls. Aren't they adorable? Bridey's dress was made of beautiful silk chiffon.  *phew*
The Bridal Party.
The groom's family.  Welcome to the family!

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