August 28, 2011

Good Bye My Friends

 If a statue that had been placed in a niche in some room could speak and was asked, 'Why are you there?' it would say, 'Because my master has put me here.'

'Why don't you move?'
'Because he wants me to remain immovable.'

 'What use are you there; what do you gain by being so?'

'It is not for my profit that I am here; it is to serve and obey the will of my master.'

'But you do not see him.'
'No, but he sees me, and takes pleasure in seeing me where he has put me.'

 'Would you not like to have movement, so that you could go nearer to him?'

'Certainly not, except when he might command me.'

'Don't you want anything, then?'
'No; for I am where my master has placed me, and his good pleasure is the unique contentment of my being.'

Those are the words of St. Francis de Sales. It just seemed fitting as we said Good Bye to our friends who are off to Spain to study.  I wish they were immoveable statues but instead are moved to where the Master Wills.

Aidos mis amigas.  Silla en españa summa dia.
(that's... Good Bye my friends. See ya in spain some day. In case my spanish speaking friends weren't sure :)

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