August 4, 2011

New York Day 2 - Wedding Prep

Congratulations to my sister Bride-y & Eric!
The prep began!  My girls and I watched many-a braiding you-tube before the wedding. I ended up just doing whatever I felt like.
The bride in her jogging outfit and... veil.
This is my neice and God Daughter, MG
I want to take this brown eyed beauty home with me.  I'd never be able to dsicipline a brown eyed beauty.  Scrumptious.
Eleanor was one of the flower girls
3 of the ... 9...  flower girls.
Just practicing sitting still. 
Poppy was having a hard time....

My family moved from MN to this home back in 1976.

The big tent where the festivities would be held.
The bridge was set up so pretty but it cracked me up as it pointed the way to the port-a-potty... can you find it?. haha  If the truth be told, it was actually from the "parking lot" (neighbor's yard) to the big tent.
MG and K
Poppy was having a terrible moment (or 100 moments) of flower-girl envy.  She didn't have a white dress nor a wreath of flowers in her hair... it is entirely beside the point that she wouldn't have kept the dress white nor kept the thingy in her hair!
Here comes the bride!
and some of the flower girls.
My parents looking great!
TAILS!  Woah, dad!  *whistle*
My sister & me.... I had a waist once too!
The photographer
Marigold is not quite sure about this wedding business....

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