August 15, 2011

Succumbo al Bumbo

 Succumbo al Bumbo!
 That's Spanish for I succumbed to the Bumbo.
 She was confused.  Truly I had figured this was one object I would simply never get.  Guess what we got?
Yes, the Bumbo and the play table that goes with it.  No, I didn't get the sunglasses someone gave them to us.    Incidentally, she loves sitting at the table but seemed a bit nervous about it.. she kept sucking in her lip.  I had never seen her do that before, but someone did tell me the other day that  she was doing that.

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  1. It simply amazes me to see all the new gadgets and gizmos for babies that there are out there nowdays. My babies range in age from 20-35 and all this stuff is new to me. How did we ever raise babies in the past?