August 4, 2011

New York Day 2 - Reception

*Clap-clap-clap*  Here come the bride and groom
The first dance.

As Fr. Ron E. gave the blessing, Poppy decided, since it was a moment of silence, to have a hunger-cry-fit.  Grin and bear it.
The delicious dinner started out with ceasar salad, rolls, followed by chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and of course.... cake.
Here is said cake.

Here is Fr. Ron Magic-Tricks entertaining the children.

Just as they cut the cake and lifted the knife out of the cake Pippin reaches over and scrapes off some frosting... haha
Poppy helping herself to the ice in the water bottle table.
*When Irish Eyes are Smiling*

Cute or what?
Ham and Fran, the adorable couple from next door.
Poppy with her M&Ms
 Cousin P

Uncle R and Aunt M
Yes.... my children took their shoes off... of course....
Go ahead and laugh, one of cousins (well, my cousin's wife) took Frodo out on the dance floor. Please note, that is not sunburn.... but blushing.
I shudder to imagine what all these babies will contract from the water-bottle-table.
Ring around the rosie


  1. You got Cousin P to smile for a picture - very rare. Nice Job!

  2. If you were cousin P you'd smile for me too, I just bring out the best in everyone... *chuckle* :D