August 5, 2011

New York Day 4 - Galadriel's Birthday

 Matchies from Auntie
 Marigold puts up with alot.  At least this time Poppy didn't squeeze her nose and say "OINK!'
 We began this day this day with a swim at my parent's.  This is at the neighbor's dock.
 A little rock throwing
 and a little canoe-ing.
 We spent the afternoon and evening at my Uncle B and Aunt M's house.  When my sister announced she was getting married my only request was that it was when Uncle B's  blueberries were ripe.
 Perfect timing!  Absolutely the yummiest!

 Eowyn enjoyed them with me.

 Time to get a horse out for a buggy ride.
 This fiesty horse nipped Frodo
 Uncle B makes alot of maple syrup. This is one of his machines.  I couldn't quite grasp what it was.
 Here is another part of his set up.
 This conclave was over whether or not to stomp onions.
 Pippin was the one who asked.  The answer was that usually Uncle B does stomp the onions however last year he didn't and he got nice big onions.
 We were ordered to eat all that remained of the bumper crop of raspberries. They were huge and juicy.
 Poppy loves "bawberries" (this word is a Poppy-ism which I guess comes from the fact we eat alot of strawberries and blueberries hence bawberries)  I think I ate 10 pounds of blueberries.
 Time for a buggy ride.
 Isn't she beautiful?

 I call this a little taste of Ireland.
 Enjoying the paddle boat  (pedal boat?  The name has been debatable)

 Shucking corn. 1/2 was shucked for water boiled corn, 1/2 was not shucked but soaked for grilled corn. 
 Carrot lovers.  Sam helped Uncle B thin the carrots, scallions and beets.
 Happy Birthday Galadriel... 14 wonderful years!  Well, maybe a 1/2 of a year that wasn't the most wonderful when she had brain tumor surgery but she was a trooper that is for sure!

 A Carvel ice cream cake. YUM.  My memory of Carvel is that they had THE BEST Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream.  But hunks of marshmallow.... oh... yum...
 Aunt Margaret, Cousin Maureen and her friend John
 Fire crackers

We ended the day by drive by some of my family's property where we held our family reunions. And to my delight by my grandma's farm and house.  The very end of the day was this beautiful sunset... the picture does no justice.

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