YES! They are ALL ours!
(group shot coming soon)

 Samwise 21
Works for his dad helping with x-ray installs, and overall whatever needs to be fixed in the office. He also fixes our cars and mans the farm machinery... and fixes them.  Need a Mr. Fixit? Can't have him. haha He joined a local chapter of the Knights of Columbus with one of our great neighbors. Said neighbor gave him his regalia so he has been doing that (before the big KC uniform change).

 Galadriel 20
food service gal, nannying, reading, sewing, editing/typing Eowyn's books, sewing

 Eowyn 19
writing, teacher's aid k3/4, writing, drawing, writing, reading, writing, sewing

Frodo 17
taekwondo leadership, legacy, demo team, flips and other tricks, legos, hunting, making electronic digital music, trumpet

Rosie 16
Grade 11
taekwondo leadership, drawing, sewing

 Eleanor 14
Grade 9
drawing and other artsy things, bows, taekwondo, sewing

Merry 13
Grade 8
chess, taekwondo, hunting, legos

Pippin 11
Grade 6
chess, taekwondo, hunting, legos

(New photo to be done *after* the much needed haircut!)
Bilbo almost 10
Grade 4
legos, anything Frodo does, taekwondo

 Poppy 8
Grade 3/4
dolls, doll house, taekwondo

Marigold 6
Grade 1
legos, dolls, doll house, taekwondo-wannabe

Kili 4
Grade Pre-K
legos, castle sets, soldiers, swords