YES! They are ALL ours!

 Galadriel 19
Works at a local Catholic School planning, shopping for, prepping, serving the hot lunch program & after school program. Taking a Theology Course.  Also loves to read.
 Eowyn 18
Works at another local Catholic School as a teacher aid for K3 & K4. Still loves to write, write, write.

 Rosie 15
Grade 10

 Eleanor 13
Grade 8

 Poppy 7
Grade 3 with her brother so long as she can continue to handle it.

Marigold 5
Grade K

 Samwise 20
Works for his dad helping with x-ray installs, and overall whatever needs to be fixed in the office. He also fixes our cars and mans the farm machinery... and fixes them.  Need a Mr. Fixit? Can't have him. haha He joined a local chapter of the Knights of Columbus with one of our great neighbors.
Frodo 16
 Works for his dad with whatever needs to get done with the x-ray stuff. He also works for one of our great next door neighbor doing yard work.  He really enjoys making electronic digital music with FL Studio software.  He's a few stripes shy of black belt in Karate.

Merry 12
Grade 7

Pippin 10
Grade 5

Bilbo 8
Grade 3

Kili 3