YES! They are ALL ours!

 Samwise 23
Andrew still works for Tom and also fixes cars, which is good since we mess them up often enough. 

 Galadriel 22
Galadriel continues to work for St. Peter’s Catholic School as the Hot Lunch coordinator. She 
also is a nanny for a local family. Maria continues to enjoy singing as a soprano in our young ladies’ and adult choirs.

Eowyn 21
 Eowyn continues to write books in her spare moments between many hours of work. She continues to be a teacher’s aide for 4K students at St. Aloysius School. She teaches CCD for pre-schoolers at our parish. She also is a nanny for a local family, helping them with the children, meal prep and 
whatever else needs to get done. She enjoys singing as an alto in the Young Ladies’ Choir and the adult choir. Emily was a camp counselor at the Institute of Christ the King summer camp for girls. She went to the March for Life in Washington DC.

Frodo 19
He currently works as an instructor at Moh's Martial Arts and Go Ninja. He is studying to do sales in x-ray equipment and supplies for his dad. He continues to advance in Taekwondo and and is a second degree black belt. He also continues to enjoy farm life and making music. 

Rosie 18
Rosie is training with the black blacks and hopes to get her first degree black belt by Christmas. She is very artistic and enjoys crafts and drawing…. and languages! Theresa won first place in a pro-life art contest.

 Eleanor 16
Grade 11
Eleanor is 16 and a junior in high school.  She traveled to New York in the summer to visit family. She continues to do Taekwodo and is training with the black belts. She particularly likes forms and working her way up to very high kicks. She enjoys drawing and photography. You can find her at the “Grouchy Photographer” blog.
Merry 15
Grade 10
Peter is determined to be the tallest in the family at 6 feet already. He's training with the black belts in Taekwondo but is taking an extra year of competition as a colored belt. He likes hunting and chess. He is playing the piano.

Pippin 13
Grade 8
Frodo loves chess and attended several chess tournaments. He also enjoys Taekwondo. He started competing this season. He particularly likes sparring and combat. Joseph also enjoys hunting and was proud to earn his hunting certificate. He is taking piano lessons. Did I mention he loves chess?

Bilbo 11
Grade 6
Bilbo, the little farmer boy,  enjoys Taekwondo, training with the black belts. He enjoys reading. He really enjoyed going to a Civil War reenactment. He likes legos… a lot. He also plays the piano.

 Poppy 10
Grade 5
Poppy is an exceptional student. Her favorite subjects are math and spelling. She joined the Taekwondo leadership program. She has enjoyed going to archery. She likes dolls and doll houses and crafts.  She plays the piano and is going to try the flute.

Marigold 8
Grade 3
Marigold joined Taekwondo and even competed in a tournament winning a first and a second place. She likes to play with dolls, color and draw. She really enjoys learning to read. She had a lot of fun going to archery. She is very proud of her new glasses. She started taking piano and violin. Her favorite subject is Math.
Kili 6
Grade 1
Kili He’s always in a rush to get out of his school desk and into some kind of battle, whether it be Civil War or against orcs. He enjoys archery. He joined the Tiger program at Taekwondo and loves it. He likes to play with Legos. He is the resident sweet tooth. He loved the Civil War Reenactment.