December 25, 2016

A Most Blessed Christmas to All

 A most blessed Christmas to you all!
With Love and Prayers from all of us!

(go ahead and laugh at the rubber boots...! Ah, to be 3!)


December 24, 2016

Waiting.... waiting.... waiting....Christ is coming!

 Visiting the Olbrich Garden Train, Floral & Train Show.

 Also visited the conservator. Our favorite, part were the little birds and the big fish.

 As boxes of presents arrive Kili is going about out of his mind waiting.  When we opened up Great Aunt Susan's box he grabbed his gift to say how much he loves the gift.  He totally didn't get why it looks like Christmas but he can't open presents.  Jesus first!  We are waiting until after Midnight Mass, to begin opening gifts.
 To bide our impatient time we went skating on a gorgeous winter day.

Aunt Bridget sent a box of wrapped goodies and 4 beautiful scarves for the 4 oldest girls. Each was tickled!

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel....

December 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Bilbo, St. Lucy, and Christmas Decorating

 Feast of St. Lucy Cinnamon Rolls
 Full moon, it was incredible!
 A slew of us went to see A Christmas Carol. It was an excellent production.

 Afterwards we enjoyed the questions and answers.

 Frodo's band concert

 Frodo and his cousin playing Angels We Have Heard on High.
 Our great neighbors to the south had a Christmas party again at PlayN.  Hoping and praying the sibling Latvia children find a family to adopt them.

 To get the angel on top of the tree we had to move it to reach from the loft.

 Are we missing some lights???
 The littles decided to pull together their own Christmas play.

 Happy Birthday Bilbo!  No idea why he is making that face! Overjoyed to have mint brownies and ice cream, perhaps?
 Bilbo is now 9 years old, NINE! That means it was 9 years to the day that we started the TLM in our parish.  He was the first traditional baptism in our parish for about 50ish years.

 We helped set up our grand Nativity set at our parish.  Pretty much full size and very beautiful.

Now just one more week of waiting, waiting, waiting.