December 11, 2016

Last Days of a Great Fall

We had an incredible fall, just absolutely gorgeous weather.  

 Jumping from bale to bale...


 Don't ask.  I didn't. I just took a picture instead.

 Hunting season has come and gone. Frodo got 2 & Aragorn got one.  Sam's bum year. Vegetarian's beware, read at your own risk...

 Frodo with a deer heart.
 A friend gave us some pumpkin pie pumpkins so we baked those up and made a delicious pie for Thanksgiving.

 The boys had a karate assessment at a different school.  

 Butchers (did I say Vegetarians beware?)

 That up there is the deer without it's clothing on, in case you were wondering.
 We made about 150 pounds of sausages and 30 pounds of brats. Some was cut into roasts and tenderloins and the rest ground for ... ground venison.

 Amidst all that we dressed a most luscious turkey that our great southern neighbors gave us. Generous or what?!
 It takes a good amount of pull to pull the winter coat off a deer.

 Just check out that awesomely roasted turkey!  
 We also had fresh buns, mashed potatoes
 Stuffing, pickles & pickled herring
 Delicious sweet potatoes made with honey, pecans, sooo good.
 Cranberry jello salad and cranberry sauce, and cranberry hot drink.

 Swinging in the living room, again.

 We had a lovely extended family part at Aragorn's brother's beautiful home.  The children got a chance to swim in the pool which was a great hit.
 We had such a nice time I forgot to take more pictures.

 We decided to do a trial for this new karate (actually Taekwondo) school.  We really like it alot. The owner is awesome.
 Just a ride on the ferry, with the warm fall, it stayed open longer, maybe it is even still open, though we have gotten quite a bit of snow lately, so maybe not.

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