December 18, 2016

Ordination, St. Nicholas Day and More Oddities

 Kili as an Indian he says.  I think he's a Cowdian. Yes, some boys still do play cowboys and indians... or both at the same time.
 Mr. Fixit. I will say in all my complaints for having only 2 arms, I truly never thought to use my mouth as a handy place to hold something, like a flashlight. I still have alot to learn.
 St. Nicholas Day we opened our stockings which were filled with goodies like a new toothbrush (how else do you know when to be sure everyone has a decent one?), chocolate coins and other little tidbits.

 Frodo was ready to test for black belt when we switched schools so I got him a real, thick, nice black belt. He also received his Christmas present a little early so he could use it... sparring gear. Thrilled is an understatement.

 The girls brought home cookies from the Bakery.
 Mr. ILoveChocolate. I have learned why children make messy faces while eating chocolate. Then there is something to lick off while it lasts savoring the delight for a longer period of time. I really think I'm getting this parenting things down with some sound understanding of children... maybe.
 He would like you to know that someone gave him a lego tardis and Dr. Who.
 Ok, so mean mom award, time to clean the face.
 My little "cameriere" (waiter in Italian) serving a PlaDoh "panino". He was very serious about his business of making sure I had enough to eat. Yes, I am working on some Italian. Of course I probably will only manage at a restaurant and a zoo and pre-school color books.  I felt pretty savvy until I told one of our Italian friends I reply to me in Italian and I could only pick out a few words!   Better get moving as they are coming to America!

 My vantage point from the choir loft for the ordination of 2 priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.

 Congratulations Fr. James & Fr. William! God bless you... and THANK YOU!

 For the Feast of St. Juan Diego, Pippin's confirmation saint, we opened a gorgeous statue of the saint. I had never seen one like this so I couldn't resist it.

 I took some of the children over to Rockin' Jump. I got to visit with a friend (therapy session) while they bounced and played and had a great time.

 Marigold climbing the rock wall. Seriously! Would you?! I would NOT!  *shiver*

Our current printer was up to some 40,000 copies on it (in a rather short amount of time) and Aragorn brought home this beauty!  Between homeschooling, his business, and booklets for our High Masses, we go through alot of paper.  I'm tickled!

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  1. Kili's face with the PlaDoh sandwich is great! He is so serious!