June 17, 2019

2019 - June 17 - The Duomo

Another hearty breakfast from the amazing buffet (included with stay)
Cracked me up all the booze above the breakfast buffet (more like a brunch as it had some things I wouldn't consider breakfast foods.
Today was our visit to the Duomo (Cathedral of Milan) dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. First glimpse coming up out of the Metro.


A closer look

There are 52 of these pillars in the Duomo, one for each week of the Liturgical year. These pillars are the size of redwoods, they are huge!

Left side a very old statue, right side 1972 statue. Hm... beauty has gone down hill.
There were 2 bishos buried in their full regalia, one was Blessed Andrea and the other is Blessed Ildephonse (or perhaps that was his second name).

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sweet carving.
St. Bartholomew, can you tell? He is wearing his skin over his shoulders.  It's a great statue. I was always fascinated by his story, being that he was flayed alive. Imagine all your skin carved off.

St. Charles Borromeo (first bishop of Milan) is buried  under the altar.


Modesty is taken seriously at the major basilicas. Unknowing people wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, short skirts have to wear these toga robe things.
Down into the crypt we go!
First view of St. Ambrose's baptistery. He baptized St. Augustine here. Perfectly thrilling.

Many graves were unearthed during the archeological dig.


What happens if too much moisture gets into this very ancient area.

Now on our way to the rooftop.
Up, up, up

We opted for the stairs (rather than the "lift" (elevator). 250 steps, nothing after climbing the mountain side of Mount Erna in Switzerland.
Woah! Incredible. Every angle was amazing, hence why I took so many pictures. It was so frilly and dainty, yet actually marble, strong and hard.

The gold blessed Mother is atop the highest point (actually in the background on the building under construction). Nothing in Milan can be built higher than "Matinmana" or something like that (anyone remember the name the locals use for the gold Blessed Mother statue?). Means something like little Mother or something.
There are some 2000 statues outside on the building and 1000 inside, or something like that.

Replacement marble.

Buildings under construction often have large billboards over the top, this gorilla just didn't fit across from the incredibleness of the Duomo roof top.

Through tiny windows you can actually see the altar from the rooftop.


Construction. Hoping nothing goes awry like Notre Dame. :(

Neat built in marble railing.

Men scouring the outside marble with pressure washers.


 This Bible (or Mass book?) is about 18" wide and 2 feet tall, no joke

I was thrilled to find the bone church. All those skulls and bones were from during one of the plagues. :(

 Prayed here for holy deaths for my family and friends.

 Violinist on the subway.
 I wanted to come to this spot as these ruins are in the location of where Constantine gave his edict freeing Christians. I am a die-hard fan of Constantine and cannot wait to meet him in Heaven. He did so much for the early Church.

 Our last Gelato. Tom had coconut and coffee, I had chocolate and chocolate. This place sold handmade gelato and it was much more firm than other gelatos we've had and oh so delicious. Best one for certain. It is right down the road from where we went to Mass.
 Walking back through the castle to the park behind it.

 I do get thrilled by triumphal arches.

 Not exactly sure what this old ruin was.

 I was looking for the area. I expected an old ruin but it is well preserved and used to this day for sports events (not lions eating Christians)

 This tree was so beautiful. The flowers were so brilliant

 Lunch we ate at a Kebap (yes, spelled that way) shop.

They were from Christian Istanbul.

 Saw this for a friend.

Tomorrow we start our trek home.