August 5, 2011

New York Day 5 - Long Islanders Visit

 I don't know but I think Marigold is an awfully scrumptious baby.  I'm not biased, no... I'm not... truly. She just is!
 Our friends from Long Island joined us because we needed 3 more children.  The oldest had to work... waaaah! I miss her!  But we had a great time.
 The neighbors down a few houses from where we are staying are long time friends of my family.  They were so kind and generous to lend us their paddle boat, row boat and life jackets.
 The kids were out there all day. Need I say they are tired at the end of the day?
 Boys ... doing whatever boys do... which is always somewhat of a mystery.

 Speaking of boys.  Here is Galadriel (who is not a boy) but just peacefully enjoying the beauty of the day. However if you look in the background there are 2 - 15 year old boys.  And you ask what are they doing?  They look like something out of Davy Jone's  Locker.
 Yes, there they are with seaweed on their heads and over their faces.  I'm glad I didn't see this, but it was Eowyn who captured this photo.  I was being a normal civilian preparing lunch.

 Bilbo with a flat mop o' curls.
 My sister Nora joined us with her 3 kids so we only had an extra 9 people for dinner. But what's an extra 9?  It's less than twice what we usually eat. 

 After dinner it was time for a little bon fire and s'mores.

 Don't ask how much melted marshmallow was in the hair.
 If you know Sam you'd know that only he would come up with a way to avoid a hot skewer-fork.  Notice the stick extension (in the back of the picture) Cracked me right up.
 When Aragorn "does" Poppy's hair.
 Nice "do" girlie!
 A hot air balloon that floated by.
 The kids spent alot of time playing cards when they weren't in or on the water.
 There were some sober sunburned faces by bedtime.


  1. It looks like you were having an awesome time ! Where you out by me (I'm in jersey, but right near the GWB and Rockland cty). I grew up in Orange Cty though. Your pictures remind me of the summers of my childhood on the Lake !

    thanks for sharing,

  2. Nope! Upstate NY, Fingerlakes. My parents are on Skaneateles, we stayed on Owasco. :)

  3. AHEM. We have 4 kids, not counting me.