July 30, 2011


 We are getting ready to paint the inside of the house... I know only 5 years after we moved in.  It was suppose to have been done before we moved in but... let's just say the people who were suppose to have painted it ... we had had enough of them.  So this is the sight from my couch and of course the kids aren't suppose to climb on it.
 However, because I'm a nice mom... (I am! Really! Just don't ask the kids...)... I let them play on the bottom bar of the scaffolding.
 Don't mind the oddly placed cabinet in the background, that isn't going to stay there, it just doesn't have a home yet.

This is so not funny.  I opened up my lap top and this is what I saw. No kidding.  I gasp for air for a bit and asked what on earth that thing was.
Sam:  I thought you would like to see a cicada. I found it dead on the road.
Me:  Oh
My actual thought:  Oh so you store it in my lap top?!!  That is so gross, I wouldn't mind seeing it from across the room but oh, ugh, this is so gross!

The thing was huge! Shivver.


  1. I truly don't know what I'd do with that wonderful scaffolding in my house because my 2-year-old would not be deterred. It would be her dream come true!

    Re: the cicada, my kids catch them all the time. I've been faking that they're nice and don't bother me because I don't want to pass on my fear of bugs to them. But the other day we were outside and my two-year-old was trying to find a place to save her cicada. So she stuck it onto my skirt, where it stuck like glue. I began screaming like a little girl and dancing all over like I was being electrocuted, as I tried to shake my skirt so it would get off, but it wouldn't get off, and I was desperate not to touch the bug, and I was panicking. So, yeah, now they know how I really feel!

  2. LOL Katherine!!! Too funny.

    My kids are obsessed with the "bug skins" as they call the cicada skins. I keep finding them in the car. Now I'm a buggy person (had the extensive collection growing up), but I do have my limits... I hate to find them on the kitchen counters, kinda gross. LOL