July 9, 2011

Just Stuff

 This was  a gift for Rosie's birthday from Grandma and Grandpa.

 Galadriel and I working on a skirt.  IT wasn't entirely successful as it turned out to be stretch denim (stretch denim?!) and then with the lovely floral print it looked dressy instead of casual.  My sewing "expertise" is in the fine art of fixing mistakes.  Lady Modesty the unbelievable seamstress save me! 

 Marigold with a St. Maria Goretti dolly made by a friend of Galadriel's.
 Costco sells this gigantic hot dog that is beyond bun length.  Over 1/4 pound.  They tasted pretty good... for a hot dog.
 I went with a few kids and a few friends to an open house at our choir director's absolutely quaint and lovely home.

 And there he is!
 yes, that is a little old fashioned potty chair.  In case you think I don't know the difference between a potty chair and a butter churn the potty is in the back, behind the churn!!

 We got a kick out of the tiny bottles of water.
 Peeping in the outhouse.
 Ok, that's cute!

It was a very enjoyable afternoon all around.

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