July 25, 2011

Just a Typical Day

 I believe there were at least a dozen pictures on the camera of Marigold.  Apparently there was a photo shoot.
 Tell me the crossed legs isn't adorable!
 I wish I could say Poppy was pretending to be a seal... but truly the terrific twos begin long before 2!
 Challenged, just purely challenged. I tried to find out what happened (note the rope intertwined in the bike) but since nobody did it, nobody knew anything.
 Just out for an evening walk after an evening bike ride. Legs that feel like jello are just part of my new lifestyle.  The Ergo Baby Carrier with the infant insert was the best investment.
 The clouds were so neat, it was like one big cloud that had exploded into a gazillion little cloud pieces.
 Aragorn on his bike. 

 Down at the patch the punkins are growing. Of course they are already bigger than any normal family's jack-o-lantern but we aren't normal.

 This is the irrigation snake... or that's what I call it.  I suppose the men here abouts would call it a hose or something uninteresting.
 The world record giant pumpkin is 1810 pounds
 The world record giant green squash is "only" 1200 pounds. 

 Bike congregation

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