July 5, 2011

Family Party

Aragorn's brother and his wife hosted a party with the 2nd annual (???!!!) giant waterslide..........
 If cousins could be twins....

 I am not sure how long this is, I only know that someone said the first part (the blue part) is 100 feet long.)  and I can't remember the length that was measured last year (see August 2010 archive)

 The funny part is that this swimming pool is what "they" call "family size"
 Drat Marigold's mohawk curls aren't showing.  Literally one straight line of curls.

 I'm not sure what is funnier the look on Frodo's face or the dog that was attacking the sprinkler.  I should have taken a video.
 Just to truly make this a slip and slide, bubbles were added... dish soap? laundry detergent? olive oil?

 "Food, glorious food, hot sausage and mustard, while we're in the mood.............."
Name that tune.

 The birthday kids who fall right around this time of year.
 Wait! PIPPIN!!  Where'd he come from?

We stopped to do the chores on the way home and guess what I got to watch!  The birth of Porter! (that's short for Porter House)  This little guy was breech and so far doing alright. 

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