July 9, 2011

Dated Pictures

My Aunt is pulling together some pictures of "kids" and their dolls (yes I'm a "kid" or I was anyway)
This is my grandma and her dolly Sunshine
 So... as I was perusing "old" pictures I found some irresistable ones.  This is me as a baby.  I know... I could be one of my kids!
 This is me with one of my first dollies.... please note I said *first*. I'm a professed doll lover.  A friend of mine informed me that this was a "Drowsy Doll"  You pull the cord and it says things like:
Mommy, cover me up!
Mommy, I'm sleepy!
I want another drink of water!
Mommy, kiss me goodnight!
I go sleep now... night night!
Mommy love baby?
Close your eyes Mommy!
Sing me rock-a-bye baby!
I wanna stay up!

 This is my sister and I.  Please note the Raggedy Ann dolls were made by my grandma (above)
 One of my aunts holding Dressy Bessy.... oh how I loved Dressy Bessy... then me... grandma (same again as above) and my sister again.
 This was me in Kindergarten. 
 Back up, I think this was when I was 4. But this was the Baby Chrissy Christmas.  Oh I loved Baby Chrissy. She had this long pony tail that could be pulled out the back of her head.  I wonder if this was also the Baby Alive Christmas. I couldn't find a picture of me with that doll, she was a great doll. The remakes are an abomination!
 Ok,  this was my First Communion.  No... my dress wasn't white.... but I loved this dress.  Incidentally this was in the day (which may still be happening in certain parishes to which we do not belong to!) when we had FHC in 2nd grade and Confession in 4th grade.  Speaking of abominations.
 My confirmation.  Please notice the "touch down" Sacred Heart. 
Eowyn with one of my sister's cabbage patch dolls.  Please note her nose... first thing she did this year we visited my family was fall down the cement steps, every pictures she looks like a pig...

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