July 25, 2011

Testing Long Gourd

Someone kindly explain this to me.  One of the banes of my existence... if one is allowed more than one... is rotating pictures.  If I take a picture "sideways" and try rotating it, it always comes out sideways.  So I am experimenting here and I would like some computer guru to give me an explanation.

I took this picture SIDEWAYS so Sam's head was to the right.

 NOT ROTATED... explain that one!
 Rotated once to the left
 rotated twice left
 rotated thrice left
 rotated fource left
rotated fivece left

Praytell! Do tell!  Incidentallly this is a baby long gourd. I had to make a house rule that these were explicitly NOT to be left lying around the house. They look uncannily like snakes.

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