July 17, 2011

3 Stooges Go To the Fair

Grandma and Auntie called to ask if they could take the 3 little stooges to the fair.  I asked if they knew what they were getting themselves into.  When I asked Aragorn he asked the same. When Sam overheard he made a face and asked if I was sure they meant the 3 little boys.  They did take the 3 little boys to the fair where they had the time of their life.

 I made a comment on the giant corndogs and Merry informed me these were not the big ones.

 Pippin and Bilbo with the ducklings
 3 little stooges and llamas... or are they alpacas?
 Merry goes 'round on the Merry-Go-Round

Pippin and Bilbo got their drivers' licenses.
The Fair, Grandma and Autie survived the 3 stooges and they had a great time. 

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