July 1, 2011

Pepe Le Pew Visits

The dogs were sprayed by a skunk.

Oh help and bother.  Think-think-think-think. 
What do you do to get them de-stinkified again?  (as if they needed any assisitance from good ol' Pepe!)


  1. Dear Julie,

    Baking soda is the only thing I have used successfully to neutralize the odor rather than mask it. I needed three boxes of baking soda to take care of our large Lab.

    1. Wet dog, then rub baking soda throughout the coat as if shampooing.

    2. Fill two large buckets with water and mix another box of baking soda in each one. Rinse the coat thoroughly with the baking soda water.

    3. Fill the buckets again and rinse the coat with clear water until you cannot feel any baking soda in the coat.

    Good luck!

    Agape always,

  2. My grandmother used cans of tomato juice...only thing that worked.

  3. There's a combo that I believe has baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and some dawn dish soap. (keep away from eyes- unless your dog was sprayed in the face, like ours was- then just be really careful using a washcloth and fully rinsing the face).