September 5, 2009

Other Goings On

Somehow we inherited a free trampoline
The children absolutely love it!

Bilbo does more of a bouncy walk...

St. Claire

St. Francis
If you have never read the book "The Perfect Joy of St. Francis" now is the time. It is a wonderful book!

The big dog watching frogs in the pond. Pippin tried his hand at catching frogs but instead ended up with a rather limp frog!
Playing with the bunnies. They both now have names. The girls is Flopsy and the boy is George.

Aren't those the cutest feet?
Astronomy experiment. Let me just say I don't remember doing yummy expriments like melting chocolate in the sunshine when I was in school, I like these experiments much better!

If you look closely you can see that the bar of chocolate started on fire. We thoroughly enjoyed this. There is this genetic strain in our household that seems to delight in fire. (And it isn't my side of the gene pool!) The end result to this experiment is that chocolate is good melted and solid!

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