August 7, 2014

New York Day 2

 Day 2 started out interesting as the tight squeeze driveway with a 15 passenger van had me land our van in the (small) ditch. Thankfully I have an 18 year old handyman along who was able to bail me out...
 ... and remove the lift-thingie on the back.
 Driving by my old house which was sold last December on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Sure have missed seeing the place.
 The restaurant where I had my first job as a dishwasher.
 At the marina......

 .......... where my parents had graciously rented a boat ... big enough even for my family.

 Riding by the lake frontage of my old house.

 Out in the middle somewhere my children wanted to jump off... after the boat stopped.  This spot was 112 feet deep, the deepest is about 360 feet deep and a mile wide at the widest point. The lake sort of is shaped like a V on the bottom.  Very deep means very cold.

 Grandpa and Marigold, wearing his sweater.

Grandpa takes the cousins and aunts out.

 Swimming at the Country Club
 The Birds....
 .... amusing!
 Building a pond

 One of my sisters stayed a long-time-family-friend's house.  A gorgeous typical Skaneateles home.
 World's tiniest knvies?

 It's great to see cousins again after 3 years!  A couple of Sister#2's girls from Virginia)
 A couple of Sister#3's girls flew in from Germany.
 Sister#3's youngest with the diabetic pump.

 We hosted Tuesdays dinner at our place.
 A grand buffet.  Hoffman hotdogs & coneys, hamburgers, salad, cole slaw, salt potatoes, baked beans, mini pies and more.

 Sister#1 and husband

 Grandma and Grandpa (my parents)... we are out here to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary which was in June.
 Toddler competition between the 1 and 2 year old cousins.

 Puddle jumping
Meanwhile at home we had a new calf!  Since he was born on the feast of Our Lady of Snows... I thought we should call him "Snowy". But we'll see what Frodo decides.  He's the farm animal boss.

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