August 1, 2014

Ringling Brothers 130 years

 For the celebration of the Ringling Brothers Circus 130 year anniversary Circus World had a local parade.  No, we aren't the parade types, it just happens we went to 2 parades this year... I think I will go again in about 10 years.

 Yeah... the Dukes of Hazzard Tom Wopat.... I guess he is a local native.

 There were quite a few bands (most did not dress up like Raggedy Ann and Andy...!)  but the bands were very good.
 Lots and lots of horses which are always enjoyable.

 Who doesn't enjoy elephants? Such amazing creatures!

 I'm not a huge clown fan but these were actually quite funny since they had air in their costumes.
 Marigold was making friends with this woman.

 Ok... yeah... very weird.  Racing Sausages... NO KIDDING...  You can read about it HERE if you really want to.  Personally, I really couldn't get into Racing Sausages.  I feel kinda sorry for them.

One knows when the parade is over because the street sweeper comes through... I guess.

That does it for me for parades for at least a good 10 years.

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