August 13, 2014

New York Day 5

 This Shrine to Our Lady was built at the parish in the town I grew up in, Skaneateles.
 "This shrine was built out of gratitude to the Blessed Mother for the liberation of my life from the concentration camp." Read the story HERE of the WWII persecution!
 St. Mary's of the Lake.  

 Prior to Mass a long-time priest friend of ours blessed my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary (which was actually in June but this is when we were having our family celebration).
 I first met this priest when I was 10 years old!
 Sam served the TLM... in a bathrobe white monk's habit.

 Kili testing out the holy water.  He loves that he can now reach such things as holy water fonts and door knobs. I believe he thinks he is now a free man.
 After the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we went to Doug's Fish Fry for lunch.... home of *the* best fish fry... the scallops are out of this world delicious.
 Waiting semi-patiently....
 My parents generously bought lunch for everyone.
 Kili loved the train that ran around and around the ceiling.
 I had the blessed privilege to sit with Fr. Celso.
 Grandpa enjoying the grandchildren.
 Afterwards we went to the lake house Sister#2 was staying at.

 Spending time with cousins is always a treat. It had been 3 years since we all last gathered.
 Many games of whiffle ball and others were enjoyed for hours.

 Toddler Talk
 Sister#3's husband.
 Bagel & O'Brien (my aunt) spice up the party.

Kili trying his hand at the bat.

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