September 11, 2016

Happy Birthdays Eowyn & Poppy!

 Happy 18th Birthday Eowyn!
I know, a hungry caterpillar cake for 18.
It was a small selections but it's appropriate
as she is a teacher's aide for pre-schoolers :D
 Happy 7th Birthday Poppy!!
 One certain brother needed to show you
that he is eating a pork chop...! :D
 Swinging in the living room
 This awesome swing with given to us.

 We enjoyed our free tickets to Little Amerricka!

 Kili freaked out!
 So much so they stopped the ride and got him off!!

 The thinker at a great thinking spot

 Eowyn helps Marigold & Kili with their schooling.
It is great!! (for me!!)
 An adorable Little House find!
Porch project continues! It's looking GREAT!

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