April 3, 2015

Urgent Prayers

Please, please, please pray for our friends, the Worleys, whose 3 year old daughter, Beatrice, (known as Daisy here at Trinity Acres blog) was just diagnosed with stomach cancer,

{snipped from an email}

Little Beatrice has been diagnosed with cancer,  called Neuroblastoma.  They found a malignant tumor in her stomach.  She has been ill for quite sometime, but they didn't find out until last night.  She said that Beatrice was getting skinny, while her tummy got bigger, she had not been eating well and wanted to be carried a lot.  

Beatrice with Kili & Marigold

Remembering Beatrice in our good Friday prayers

Good Friday Prayers
O, my Lord Jesus, I hereby bed of Thee, by the merits of Thy Precious Blood, by Thy Divine Heart, and by the intercession of Thy Most Holy Death to assist me in this pressing necessity.
(revealed to St. Bridget, that if said devoutly 33 times on Good Friday, 33 souls will be released from Purgatory; 3 souls on ordinary Fridays.) 

Prayer for Good Friday
I adore Thee, O Holy Cross, which has been adorned with the tender, delicate, and venerable hands and feet of my Savior, Jesus Christ, and immured with the Precious Blood. I adore Thee, my God, nailed to the Cross for me. I adore Thee again, O Holy Cross, for the love of my Lord and Svior Jesus Christ. Amen.

I pierced those sacred Hands and Feet 
That never touched or walked in sin; 
I broke the heart that only beat 
The souls of sinful men to win.

That sponge of vinegar and gall 
Was placed by me upon His tongue; 
And when derision mocked His call, 
I stood that mocking crowd among.

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