October 24, 2007

Peanut Butter Kitchen Gadget

I was never a big fan of Natural Peanut Butter until I discovered Maranatha. It's so smooth and creamy and yummy. However it needs to be mixed once (then stored in the fridge) and that was one job that annoyed me (the mixing not storing in the fridge... that I can manage). I was forever getting oil all over everything. The Aragorn said to store it up-side-down, that helped but it was still a detestable job to stir it (ok, so my crosses are pretty puny)

Recently in a Lehman's catalog I discovered this nifty hand crank peanut butter stirrer by Wittmer Products. I knew it was the thing for me. However I had ordered the 16 oz size from Lehman's and I needed the #400 for the 26 oz jar which I was able to order from Wittmer Products. Need I say that Aragorn just laughed at my novelty?


  1. LOL I love the peanut butter crank!! Cla loves all non electric mechanical tools. He would love this....although he hates peanut butter (isn't that weird!!!).

    I never liked natural peanut butter either....the only I like is Skippy Natural...which I know is sort of cheating, but it is better than nothing. And best of all it doesn't need to be stirred!

  2. ooooohhhh! I too hate to stir up natural pb!!! I will have to put that on my Christmas list!