October 14, 2007

New Playground at the Zoo

We took another jaunt to the zoo.

Recently was the "grand opening" of the new playground area. It's a bit... ummm... interesting in construction but the children had a blast.

Merry playing a baby Joey!

Galadriel and Pippin on the rope walk.

Merry enjoying himself.

Galadriel, Pippin and Eowyn.

Rosie popping out of the tube slide.

Pippin coming out of the kiddie tube slide.

We met up with cousins. I thought this picture was so cute of Pippin and his cousin staring through the fence at a chimpanzee (or some kind of monkey anyway)

The Wallaby's were a big hit. The are so funny to watch hop around. I wanted to take on home.

A pelican. I took this only because Aragorn had just gone to MN and saw a whole fleet (?) of Pelican's floating down the Mississippi.

Frodo was able to get quite close to this Parrot in the Tropical Rainforest.

You know, I always thought these flat animal things with holes for human heads were so silly but we *always* stop at each on and stick our heads in and take pictures! Here is Rosie and her cousin.

There is something so amazing about giraffes. Here is a big one and her young'un.

It wouldn't be a completed trip to the zoo without a round on the merry-go-round.

When we had finished our tour around the zoo the children were eager to go back to the playground. It was even set up for bigger children. This is Sam riding on some kind of glider type thing.

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