June 19, 2011

First Bath

Prior to Marigold I had 10 babies, 8 who sucked their thumbs and 2 that refrained from such a heathen practice or so they seemed to think.  And here we have the "sign of the times" baby.  The very last of my pre-baby ideals were shattered with my 11th baby.  Here is this little dolly 'o mine sucking on a nuk (pacifier) in a vibrating baby seat and content as ever.... and she's wearing a disposable diaper!  I suppose her first solid will be a McDonalds happy meal or something.  O woe is me...

1 comment:

  1. Bwa ha ha! I love it. I confess, I broke down and tried for a week for this baby to take a paci--I was so desperate--but she absolutely refused. ~sigh~