June 9, 2011

This and That

 Flocks of Phlox their not.  Here I thought these were wild phlox but after a google search, phlox have 5 petals, these only have 4.
 These are found all up and down the roadsides and come in lavender, dark lavender and white.  Anyone know what they are?
 Marigold likes the pack and I discovered just how out of shape I am...
 The giant pumpkins are back, so if you were sick of our geeky hobby then it's time to leave now because it'll just get worse as the summer wears on :)
 This is my 5'9" son just to give a little perspective to the situation.  Both boy and plant are growing like weeds... as you will see how well we grow weeds by mid-summer!
 This is our irrigation ditch. The children tell me I should have seen it when it was flooded.  Very sorry I missed it....!

 I love cranes.
 I think this is the pumpkin water holding tank.
 I'm not sure whether Aragorn is training sweet or if Poppy is.  I've heard Poppy trained up a nasty kitten at someone's house... :)
 I've mentioned before that we have the best neighbors.  This week's generous contribution was a pile of bikes and this neat ol' scooter.  (Anyone have one of those "kick 'n go" scooters when they were little?  I did and I was sooooo cool.... !)
 Pippin goes 2 wheel.  No training wheels.  I too was 5 when I rode a bike on 2 wheels.  First thing I did was run right into the back of a garbage truck.  Next thing I broke my arm.

 Frodo picks his bike of choice.
 Surf-suit.....  One-size-fits-almost.
 Sam thought I would be most thrilled when he brought this giant 6-inch wingspan moth home from grandma's.  Just what I always wanted!
 Ok, this is aggrevating. I rotated it left 90 degrees so it rotated 180 degrees?  Really I can do this!!!
The point of the picture was to show that Poppy had a pretty in her hair for long enough to take a picture... but Pippin interferred with a loving kiss.  Awww....
 One of our wonderful priests came over to bless the fields.  That evening there were horrible storms in our area.  We watched on the radar as a bad storm headed our way with predicted 90% chance of severe hail (2-1/4").  Right  over our hill the storm split. Later on we simply got a nice rain. I don't believe in coinkydinks, that was some blessing!

A friend of mine gave us some lovely gifts for Marigold. This irresistable dress fit Poppy.  

 Pray Poppy.
 Eleanor is going to be a flower girl in my sister's wedding so she wanted in on the picture taking.
 Back to that storm we didn't get.  After the nice rain, the sky was incredible

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Soprano!
We had our end of the year pizza party celebration for our children's choir. They did a fabulous job this year learning 3 Gregorian Chant Masses and some 70 hymns and other parts of the Mass, most music was in Latin.  They sang at 4 Masses, Immaculate Conception, St. Joseph's Feast, May Crowning & Mass and Ascension Thursday.  One of our goals is to learn all 6 Litanies. So far they sang the Litany of St. Joseph and the Litany of the Sacred Heart.    We look forward to the upcoming year!

Wee future choir member.


  1. The flowers are Dames Rocket. I guess they are invasive, but still pretty :)

  2. Aw, your baby is so sweet. Wish I still lived near so we could hold her.