June 23, 2011

1 Month Old

 Marigold is 1 month old!  Birth weight was 8 pounds 12 ounces, today she is 11 pounds.  She was 20-1/2" at birth and is now 23". 
I can smile.

 I can stick out my tongue.... very lady like...
 I can make facial gestures that indicate I think you are an idiot.
 Babies are precious gifts from God.
 You can clearly see here we were robbed.  The rainbow touched the ground and there was no pot of gold. 
 A double rainbow.
 Several went to see for sure whether the pot of gold was there.  I thought perhaps that priestly blessing we got a couple weeks ago was really working great!

 TWINS!!!! YES!!! For the first time we had twin calves!  The red one is Rib Eye and the black one is Mr. T-Bone.  Both bull calves.  Aren't they cute?
 The mama
 The turklets.  (is that was a baby turkey is called?)
 Rib Eye walking
 Mr. T-Bone standing.
 Strawberry season. YUM!
 I must show off my apron.  I hope you can see very clearly that it has a Sacred Heart in the center!  Please do support a lovely home-based business Catholic Embroidery.  They have totally AWESOME missal covers. I'll show mine soon.  Just need camera and missal in the same vicinity.
 Juicing some of the strawberries.  As I type I have made 4 batches of Strawberry Jam, 1 batch of Jelly and 1 batch of Syrup.  I still have a number of batches to do but tonight is my Holy Hour so not sure I'll finish til tomorrow evening.
 Trying to get the baby to smile for a picture.... without success.
 I found these 2 pictures on the camera.... hmm... What doesn't she understand about "Don't touch the phones!"?
She was definitely up to something.  Looks to me like 21st century tattle telling..... or an evil plot.


  1. Those strawberries look yummmmmy ! Hmmmm, I can just taste the shortcakes I'd be making ! Loving the baby cows - I have a thing for twins after all !

    btw - you have the chubbiest babies on earth - I could just smoosh them up, so absolutely squishy and cute !
    My oldest was 14 lbs on his FIRST birthday and the twins were 11 and 12 lbs on theirs..... no squish, cute, but no rolls - lol !

    thanks for sharing,

  2. Your family is truly so blessed. Thank you for being a witness to us all!