June 11, 2011

Baby Thoughts

 I can blow bubbles!
 I cannot concentrate on this thing called sleep unless there are barbaric children about.
Don't ask.... it's Poppy, there is no answer.

However, I must draw attention to this little baby seat.  The last one we had was taken apart limb-by-limb and we wanted something to put Marigold in during meals.  Lo and behold this like-new one was at the local resale shop.  $3 what can I say?  I don't like bells and whistles (if you have not seen the bouncy seats, swings and other baby gear out there well... obviously babies are not capable of simple pleasures)  So here was this lovely little *plain* bouncy seat.  Of course the children discovered it has a little button at the end  for a battery operated vibrating thing (my consolation is batteries go dead...).  And can you believe it? The baby LIKED it?  I thought that was very "naught" of her.  For shame! :)


  1. I think Poppy is checking out things under the hood!

  2. Batteries can be removed...many toys become more fun with batteries removed (and some become utterly useless)

  3. Too funny... we had that exact seat in a different pattern also from a used store... and it was great!

    Until we had our own "Poppy" come and decide to sit in it, step on it, etc... then it broke. LOL