June 15, 2011

Little Trip Up North - Part Four

 The hotel had a small-ish waterpark.... a swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, 2 big waterslides, a kiddie pool with waterslide and some dry slides.

 Farmer Tan Boy coming down the slide.... check out his arms. haha
 In the evening they had s'mores out on the deck for guests as well as a number of games and other things to do. We just stayed to eat a s'more :)

 I love a beautiful sunset...

 It was about this point that we realized that *we* (namely me) forgot to unplug the cooler from the lighter in the van.  Sure enough, dead as a door nail.  But it was adult swim from 10-midnight in the pool so the kids went to bed and we went for a swim.  Need I say we were the youngest ones there.  I think it was Rooster Cogburn all liquored up who joined us in the sauna.

So, after our swim we figured we ought to figure out what to do about the dead battery since Aragorn had to go to work at 7am (at the desk they had given us a jumper cable battery thing-a-ma-jig that did not work even after trying to charge the thing). Fortunately the town walmart was open 24 hours.  So we went for the mile-ish walk to walmart.  I could not stop laughing as walking down a dark road at 11:15 at night is just... funny... I am not sure Aragorn was laughing when I said it would be faster if we drove haha.  Being the ever-loving-wife that I am, I refrained from ever so many humorous remarks....  It was tempting not to steal the little drive-able carts on the way out.  But we resisted.

We ended up getting some jumper cables attached to a battery thing-a-ma-jig.  Do those things have a name?  Worked like a charm. 

Check out the double chin! (double lips, double cheeks, double eye-lids....)

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  1. The pool looks completely empty. How did you manage that in such a neat pool?! Is it normally like that? I'll drive up there just to go to that hotel if I can get it empty like that!! LOL