June 1, 2011

9 Days Old

 Don't you just want to eat her up?
 Poppy wants to know who the wise-guy was who put a pretty in her hair.  For shame!
 Ahhh.... that's better.  No fetters.
 Does that look comfortable to you?  Aside from being up-side-down prior to making her appearance, I suppose this was the way to sleep.  She seems to like being curled up in a little ball.   This brings me to a funny thing.  I was just going through all the papers and tidbits from the hospital.  This isn't a "hot topic" blog so I will refrain from any comments but in my pile was a little post card (in English and Spanish of course!)....

When you lay me down to sleep, please put me in my crib, bassinet or Pack n Play in mom's room, on
my back, alone.  I shouldn't sleep on any bed, couch, chair or with anyone.  No pillows, no blankets, no bumpers, nothing.  No toys, no stuffed animals.  Being hot is not good for me.  Put me in my crib when you feel sleepy.  No smoking, it hurts me too.

This makes me think that a baby is only safe in their world when they stay as they came.... stark nakie.  When I had my first child, 15 years ago, it was "side or back". I had visited my grandma that year and she very bluntly told me that all babies should always be on their tummies. :)

 Galadriel practicing for our Low Mass with Music for Ascension Thursday. One of our priests asked our children's choir to sing.  We were all delighted.

 It hit 90 degrees this week.  *phew* 

 Stopping for a drink... out of the slip and slide?!
 Marigold is not at all like Poppy who cried for the first 4 weeks straight except when she was eating.  However, Marigold does not like a messy diaper (I can't blame here there) or the diaper changes.  Otherwise so far she has a very sweet disposition. That's new around here... haha.  just kidding
 There is absolutely no lack of arms around here. 
Tatooing oneself is a very exhausting process.


  1. Congratulations on the birth of baby Marigold, and what a beautiful angel she is!
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

    When my daughter was born 15 years ago, I was also told to put her on her side only, with towels or blankets in a roll at her tummy and back so she wouldn't roll over.
    I did everything right, and 5 minutes later she turned onto her tummy, tucked her knees under her arms and slept peacefully.
    Having her on her back would have avoided that!

    These days you get a teeshirt with "this way up" printed on the tummy.

    I think the card you got was excellent.

  2. Love, love, love, the new baby! She is adorable! I honestly wish we could meet...I think that our families would get along well. Wanna come to a barn dance in MN in July? haha... God bless you all and congratulations on your newset little blessing.

  3. Aww I absolutely love that first picture!!!!!

  4. She is beautiful! And, yes, when I find a way for babies to actually SLEEP on their bcks, I'll go for it. But three babies into this, it's tummy sleeping (and co-sleeping) for us. Gasp!