June 14, 2011

Little Trip Up North - Part One

We took a little trip up North when Aragorn's work took him up to a city on Lake Superior.  We started the day at the TLM at St. Mary's Oratory in Wausau.   Now that is a church worth the drive even just to see the artwork inside.  But of course it's also a great group of priests (Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest).
 We got up there before the hotel would let us in so we enjoyed collecting rocks on the beaches.    I think our gas mileage went down a bit on the ride home for the bucket o' rocks we brought back!

 I thought this was a mini-version of the Apostle Islands which were right across from us at this point... of course it was miles and miles of driving to get there.  I guess they were named after the 12 Apostles though there ended up being 22 islands after all was said and done in light of discovery.

 Somehow my pictures got out of order, but here is drenched Poppy, this came only a little later than the photo that is at the bottom of this post where she freaked out entirely when she saw all the water. For one who loves baths I'm not quite sure what her fear was... unless it was just for attention!

 The blueberry rock. I refrained from posted all the pictures of all the rocks we took.

 Watching a hydroplane

 This was a tiny little baby turtle.  We had also seen a small fawn and a snake prior to this, neither getting their picture taken.

This was Poppy's very first initial response to stopping at Lake Superior.  (should have been towards the top of this post)

Pictures to be continued.... there are alot.... obviously we don't get out much :)

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