May 8, 2010

Just Stuff

Poppy with Poolie. Poolie was Sam's original teddy bear....

Yes, there was something exceedingly wrong with this picture!

And this one. I wish I could say we set this up but indeed Bilbo thought he should wake up Poppy. He hasn't caught on to let sleeping babies lie!

The Animal and Vegetable Rights people were burning the public hunting grounds again. I know, try and make sense of any of that!

I've heard they say grass grows greener after it is burned.... I truly thought that happened after it rained.

Morel Mushrooms!We even had twins! Twin mushrooms that is.

I bought our annual slip 'n slide. I do it every year and ever year the same thing happens, we have a wet slippery slimy thing rolled up in a ball lying on the front yard. Just for the record, on this particular day, afterwards they dried it off and put it back in the box. This is a day to celebrate right up there with National Potato Day.

Why is water always better out of a slip 'n slide?

Poppy loved the warm wet slippery thing.....

Til someone turned the water on!

But everyone likes to cuddle the baby who needs lovin'.

Truly, this thing really should have been named "Sip 'n Slide"

We went on a hike with our homeschooling group at Indian Lake. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Frodo who I believe had been up and down a few times before I even got Poppy in the Moby Wrap.

Galadriel. It just makes me want to cry sometimes when I see her running up and down hills that are making me gasp for breath. God has been so very good, how can we ever find things to complain about? Hmm, that's a mystery since I seem to find plenty!

Those of us to who took the moderate to slow pace said the rosary on the way up. I like to say it was because I was carrying Poppy in the Moby which is why I was gasping for air.....

The little chapel at the top of the hill.

Rosie who seems to have a thing for this hat!

Obviously we know where the summer sausage went to that Poppy's eating.... check out those biceps!

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  1. You guys have the BEST times! I wish I lived near you- I'd join ya! : ) I adore looking at all the pics of your kids- they all truly love each other. God has truly, truly blessed you guys- but, you probably already know that!