May 16, 2010

Birthday and Gardening.... Er.... Weeding

Poppy graduated to the big-girls room this week...
Pippin standing still.... mark that one down.

The girls and I delightedly went to a lovely going away party for "Anna". God willing she is off to stay for the rest of her life at the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus. She will be heading off to Italy sooner than to be expected! Deo Gratias! Read the beautiful story, not to mention see pictures of her beautiful family HERE.

Anna's sister.... very beautiful sister I might add... and Poppy.

Hmmm.... what have we behind the big chair?

The young ladies having a great time together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SAM-who-is-just-a-tad-shorter-than-his-mother-who-will-still-be-the-boss-no-matter-how-tall-he-gets
14 years old means eating even more than he did at 13. So far I love having a "teenager". I know, I've heard it all before "you just wait". May it please God to grant me 10 of those "luck of the draw".

How many children does it take to weed one of our gardens....

Poppy sucks her thumb when she is tired and when she is being carried by Eleanor....

Why have we bothered with toys and play structures when the water cooler will do just as well.... time to bleach the water cooler...

Frightful. It's truly frightful when your children take delight in taking pictures.

Of course Poppy was in charge of the wheelbarrows.

Why won't this thing move?

The little gardeners were .... not in the garden. Bilbo is tending to the tree.... again. And excuse the potty training look, it will be the fashion for a while here.

Poppy and Door Mat # 2.

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