May 29, 2010

Skillet Creek

Skillet Creek is a beautiful little swimming spot.

For the locals it is 1.3 miles behind the 'boo WalMart

And what do I do all the while they are swimming? Amuse myself by finding interesting ways to count to 10.
"Bumpy!" Apparently Bilbo calls this his bumpy swimsuit.

Frodo finds a frog. It is true if there is a bug, reptile or amphibian around he will find it. The amazing part is he actually likes it! This photo was preceeded by "Let me take a pictures but don't you dare let go of it!!!!"

Galadriel almost 6 months post brain surgery.

Shells, they found shells.....
No you can't take those....stinky.... things home!

And a crayfish. The things we mothers will put up with!

Back home we have unearthed St. Francis.
This was a before type picture. Yes, there is alot of grass in our "garden"

This is kind of an after picture.
I was told this new find is a pony cart. Our pony is up to Elearnor's neck the wheels are up to the top of her head. I am secretly hoping that a Clydesdale horse is to follow the delivery of this cart!

Why is it that pretty flowers are called invasive weeds?

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