January 10, 2016

Wedding of a Lifetime

Totally snitched this picture! (shameless blush)
 Aragorn & I were exceedingly blessed to attend the wedding of a lifetime.  They were married by our bishop in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite!  It was the most beautiful wedding! I had tears in my eyes on several occasions.  They are truly a very sweet couple who will live out a truly Catholic family life, open entirely to God's Will in accepting all the children God will send them. Deo Gratias!  Just looking at them makes me happy, makes me smile, and brings me joy.
 My pictures aren't very good but I did capture the incense haze and the light of Christ coming in the windows!

 Fr. Z was the Master of Ceremonies
 There were so many priests in the beautiful Mass!

 The bishop greeting my friend and her husband, speaking of a lovely, great, splendid family!
 We are very blessed with our bishop!

 Sister of the bride is the bride's double!

 The reception was so lovely. They had a potluck style in lieu of gifts, how clever is that?! However, who didn't want to bless the lovely couple with a little something anyway! I loved that idea! (taking notes for future references) Party favors included these lovely, lovely, lovely hand drawn ink drawings of saints. I believe, like the program, they were drawn by the bride's sister! GORGEOUS! They also had holy water for everyone!  Don't we need a plethora of Holy Water!  Now those are well-thought out gifties you won't find in your general wedding planner! I LOVED it!

The lovely couple, our bishop and the mother and father of the groom.  Another snitched picture (shameless blush!)  Congratulations to the sweet couple. Please offer a prayer for them, the beautiful Golden Hail Mary will suffice! May they be amply blessed to see their children to the 3rd and 4th generation!

Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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  1. How breathtakingly lovely! It's want we want for our own children, isn't it?! Even if they don't get Father Z and the Bishop! LOL Thanks for posting!