August 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Galadriel

 Happy Birthday Galadriel!  As I said to her this morning, "You are 15 and I still like you!" :) 

 A sister is the best of friends, especially when you are only 13 months apart and don't know a day apart from each other and... most especially... when you live a life of Faith.... together.
Me:  Galadriel, where do you want to go for your birthday dinner?

Galadriel:  I don't know, where do you want to go? 
Can I wait and go with Eowyn, so we can go together?  It's more fun that way when we get silly with too much sugar.


  1. I remember first hearing about you and following your blog when a prayer request went out for Galadriel's brain sweet to see her healed and healthy and BEAUTIFUL! Pax Christi.