August 1, 2012

Homeschooling 2012-2013

There is still time for some changes to our homeschooling year but  I thought I'd post generally what we are doing for the up-coming-very-quickly homeschooling year.  I will have 8 in school-formal, 1 in pre-school-informal, and 2 into everything.

Religion:   Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) or Our Lady of Victory School (OLVS) which are both based on the Baltimore Catechism.

Math:  1 in Math-U-See, 1 in Saxon, 6 in Teaching Textbooks

English:  Easy Grammar, Editing, Meaningful Composition, Warriner's Grammar, Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons

Science:  More Birds, Apologia: Astronomy, Human Anatomy & Land Animals, MODG Highschool Syllabus

History & Geography:  MODG all levels
Language:  Rosetta Stone Castillian Spanish and Rosetta Stone Greek (Eowyn), First Form Latin (Memoria Press)

Typing:  on-line

Fine Arts (art, music, poetry):  MODG

Spelling:  Sequential Spelling, All About Spelling and Phonetic Speller Cards

Reading:  Faith & Freedom (and lots of books) & Starting Comprehension, Seton

Phonics and Vocabulary:  Explode the Code, Little Angel Readers/workbooks, Wordly Wise

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