August 1, 2012

At the Fair

Some of the kids went to a local fair with a couple uncles and an aunt.

 I was beginning to wonder if it was bad hair feather day at the fair.

 A country bumpkin petting a cow is like a city dweller enjoying the scenery in Chicago.

 Getting slickered up on sugar and grease.  They did bring me home a deep fried oreo and some mini donuts.  I gained 5 pounds just holding the bag.
 I was only a little disappointed that they didn't bring home that great big pink monkey for our neighbor's garden.

 Only a little green at the gills.
 Now, I am not sure I know how many people think my children are over-sheltered, but tell me if you or your kids have ever seen this kind of production.  I scurried back under my rock for a few minutes after seeing this as I didn't care for the de-sheltering process.
 I think my kids just might turn out alright afterall, now that they've been exposed to things like this....!
 Not a great view but I heard any number of stories about people trying to catch pigs in mud.  I had to say "Enough already" as I hold Marigold during Mass and it isn't any different than mud wrestling a pig.
 And then they brought me home a pirate.
With an earring. 

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