August 5, 2012

Villa Louis

We took a little family day trip today.  It was the homestead of a fur trading family from back in the 17-1800's.  Millionaires back then!  It was part of a "family passport" we had for this year to a number of places and we hadn't been to any yet!  And there are things every weekend except this one, so off we went.

 The gang.

 Finally a table we all could fit around comfortable.... not something that happens at home!
 I don't know... the bathroom jail?  Perhaps that is what we need for Poppy!

 It was Aragorn who started the puff-ball fight... I was mortified.... but thankfully there was no one for me to inform I didn't know who these people were.

 The girls wanted his Thompson and Thomson (without the P as in "psychology) hat.  (if you aren't a Tintin Fan then... nevermind)

 The icehouse

 The girls thought this was the same picture that was in the back of one of the american girl books. (??)
 The preserves kitchen and laundry.

 Ok, now this was neat, this was the site or close to it of the War of 1812. (I couldn't help humming the orchestral music...)

 The root cellar... we thing.  Or a storm cellar...

 Humming birds!

 Where the river meets the Mississippi is where Fr. Marquette and Joliet came down in their canoe. 

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