August 22, 2012

Whiskey and Stuff

 Bilbo:  Mommy, like my whisky bottle?  Would you like to smell my whiskey bottle?

*chuckle* I'm not sure where these thoughts came from unless we've listened to a few too many Irish songs or he's heard too many tales from Treasure Island.  Lest anyone is suddenly worried.... this was after we had eaten French Dip sandwiches for dinner and that's the bottle from the sauce. :)
 Galadriel finished her scarf she was knitting for Frodo.

 Awwww...... :)
 We wandered over to the Young Shakespeare Players for another free show....
 This time it was As You Like It.

 I have no idea how these kinds of toys end up at our house but somehow they do. And in person they are very beautiful specimens of "one man's trash is another man's treasure". 

 I don't know... I just found this on the camera and think a story could be embellished regarding 2 toddlers and an empty salt shaker.  Just glad the "whiskey" bottle wasn't in the picture.
 God was just reminding us  that our hope is in Him.  (kind of a faint rainbow but it was there). 
 Our generous jolly green giant neighbors brought us over the most delicious grapes. I ate so many of them in a single sitting that I could scarely feel anything but my lips burning from the acidity!  But being that I could not exactly eat that many .... ever... it was time to juice them and make them into grape jelly (and for those who may be recipients of said jelly... rest assured we did not stomp the grapes with our barefeet.  :D

Voila!  Grape jelly.... batch #1 (plus a little dish for everyone to sample on Galadriel's bread)  I still have a couple/few batches left to go... better get on that...!


  1. You have a bread oven! What a great thing to go with that jelly!

  2. Yes, we do have a brick oven and we have done bread and pizza in it and dried stuff in it however it isn't big enough for our size bread and pizza making needs! We'd probably need a restraunt size for that! Hence the 2 full size ovens. haha :) Just the same we can do a pretty large round loaf in it and it is yummy.

  3. PS: My husband built it, it wasn't some fancy schmancy thing. I married an extremely handy man.

  4. I thought you son was drinking maple syrup straight from the jug. What a silly kid.

  5. We have a pond but nothing impressive. That is actually a little lake nearby :D