August 11, 2012

Summer Awareness VBS 2012

 We helped out with a local Catholic Vacation Bible School this past week.  Sacred Scripture, Food and Fun pretty much summarizes it. This year we went to Egypt with Joseph (Old Testament).  So there were lots of hands-on projects to learn about Ancient Egypt in addition to his story.
 Pippin with his Egyptian head gear. I'm not going to bother trying to get the names of these things.
 I'm not sure what's up with my children and the need to say,"Ahhhhhhhh" in front of a fan.
 Making mummies game.
 The Embalmer's workshop.
 Frodo was the horn blower.
 The guard
 Rosie was gatekeeper for a while.

 The snacks were so well done.  This day it was pineapple, golden raisins and dates.  One of the little participants had decided that golden raisins were just raisins with lots of food coloring! :D

 The drama "club" told the story of Joseph's Journey
 The lovely kitchen-snack crew
 Even guards need a break to play a game on the phone :D
 It was a crazy week and since we liked to start our day with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass our breakfast was on-the-go.  Have bread, peanut butter and jelly... will travel.

 One day a young man brought in a real live snake.  I wasn't charmed but some of the kids were.
 There was also a lesson in the attire of the time which included being bald, wearing wigs, make-up and tattoos.  I was glad that we didn't do a head shaving, though I think it would have saved me lots of agony over cutting boys' hair! :D
 I wasn't sure whether Pippin was Graucho Marx or representing Marxism.

 The snake charmer (don't worry, he wasn't actually charming snakes with spells, it was just a figure of speach for a charming snake owner)
 Another snack of watermelon and dried apricots.
 John Wayne Junior getting a "tattoo".
 I don't know but when I saw this darling little one with his mustache I could not help saying, "My name in Inigo Montoya, you killed my father.... prepare to die!"  (Princess Bride)
 Pippin of the million questions enjoying the snake. 
 The "minute-to-win-it" games were a riot.  This one was a get-dressed-in-way-oversized-clothes relay race. 
 This one was hilarious. They had to get a cookie from their forehead to their mouth by only using their facial muscles. 

 A Skittles break...
 Grandma and the Twinkies

 Poppy the Egyptian  King-Queen
 The children also learned to make and play the games that Joseph would have played as a child.
 They had a Scripture visit with the Sheik
 A snack of Pita and Date Syrup.
 A visit with the priest. 

 The Sun will come out tomorrow bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrow... there'll be sun!  My little soprano is playing the part of Annie tonight! (and next week) so here she is with her dyed red hair.  Please pray for a successful musical! I will probably shed sweet tears with every song!!
 A soaked Pippin

 Another snack included Gold Fish and... *snap* I can't remember what we had to go with them.
 Galadriel working on knitting a scarf for Frodo... black of course.  The "stuff" on her lap is Marigold's sandwich *chuckle*

 Tahini candy... chocolate coated.  Oh... say... that is what went with the gold fish... the tahini candy.
 Just a little messy :)

 Marigold in an Egyptian (yarn) wig.
 Marigold with a tahini chocolate face!
 A lesson on what sin does to our hearts.

 Ok... that is an edible set of brothers!

Marigold made friends with the parish custodian.

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  1. Looks so fun! Maybe you could convince them to include 3 year olds so Isabel could do this next summer :) I know a lot of the Protestant VBS do.