August 29, 2012

Odd Mix

 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
If a woodchuck would chuck wood?

 No, we don't do Halloween... which isn't now anyway... but at Grandma's is this really fun closet o' dress-ups which is always the first thing the kiddie-winks check out.  (Incidentally, "Grandma's" is just what we always said when I was growing up even though my grandpa and 2 aunts also lived at "Grandma's".  No offense to any of the other inhabitants of "Grandma's House", even after my grandma died before my grandpa... it was still "Grandma's House") 

 Poppy would make a great football player... agreed.

 Poppy does not make a re-fined woman.

 I wonder who designed the clothing for superheros... I mean undies on the outside of tights?!

 Princess Orc Hunter

 Gimme dat back!
 Yes, we did start school on Monday, then pickles and jellies had to be made on Tuesday, then our Sunday trip to an amusement park was rained out so that is where we are going in an hour.  With Monday being Labor Day, we'll be doing the first week of school in 2 weeks' time. I'm glad.  It gives my hair time to unwind betwixt school days.  Not to mention figure out how re-organize our meal prep/clean-up, and house cleaning and laundry and....
 We made 3 batches of sweet pickle relish.  It is just so good, way better than store-bought.  I remember a day when I chopped this all by hand but these 3 handy gizmos make chopping a breeze.

 Guess who?

 Sam decided to try making some watermelon jelly.  I thought it tasted just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher which was one of my favorite flavors.
Voila! Watermelon Jelly.  As I type plums are being juiced for plum jelly making this evening or tomorrow after school.  Also tomorrow afternoon we'll be making bread and butter pickles which we like on sandwiches.

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