August 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Nothingness

 Just because she's cute.
 Eowyn made a blood cell in her Human Anatomy class.  (she and Galadriel started school a couple weeks ago... I'm procrastinating as long as possible :)
 I am christening this sailboat of sorts "Quasimodo", it just seems an appropriate name.  Kind of a hunchback of sailboats anyway.

 Pippin found the greatest treasure of his whole life, a fishhook with a great big gummy worm on it.  I was less than impressed, having been one of those children who had gotten a fishhook in my foot once. 
 Ooooh, another treasture.  Do you call these "cinder blocks"?
 Not sure what I'll christen this little boat, maybe "dingy".

 There was much squealing at this "deer antlers" as I guess somewhere in this picture there was a turtle.
 Meeting of the mindless
Cindy Lou Who

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