August 24, 2012

2016 Movie

I'm soooo not into politics but we had a gift card for a local theater (from about 2 years ago!) so we went to see 2016 Obama's America.  Very well done.  It wasn't what I expected. It wasn't fanatical.  I kept thinking of something I heard a priest say once that children suffer from the sins of their parents.  The part about Obama's life, particularly his childhood, was touchingly sad.  But it also goes to show that the people you choose for your role models will shape and form you and your ideals.  It goes to show the imporance of good fathers.   And this after I had just finished earlier today a beautiful book called St. Monica.  Her son, St. Augustine, was shaped and molded by poor role models but through his mother's prayers he (and his father before him) was converted and of course went on to become a great Bishop and Doctor of the church.  I digress....

The one part I don't get is the "love him hate him" part, I do get the "you don't know him part" but that other part I thought sort of jumped out of nowhere. I certainly can't see hate ever bears any good fruit, though I sure hope Obama is defeated in 2012 so we don't have to see what it will be in 2016 under his regime!!  But I definitely left the theater with  a rather sickish feeling and definitely I found myself pitying this man who is destroying our country and I also couldn't help think of the Cristeros... Will we find ourselves in the same situation?  Obama's got my prayers but definitely not my vote.  I'd like to see him in Heaven but definintly not in the White House any more (then again I never wanted to see him in the White House haha!)  Are you praying for him? 

And my real thought all along was, "I really can't wait to see The Hobbit" haha!


  1. I want to see Restless Heart about St. Augustine (even) from Ignatius. You're braver than to see anything about Obama and more charitable as well. I find it hard to pray for him. For Greater Glory has had a big part of my thoughts this summer. I just finished Blood Drenched Altars and will begin Mexican Martyrs soon. I am so happy your children have a lake and a boat. I love the top photo. It's an Awww moment. Enjoy your science experiments. Pray for all those children like my own who are beginning their school year tomorrow! Thanks for your blog, It's an oasis of mindful sanity and humor.

  2. I offer our 4th decade of the rosary for my enemies (those who hate me) and those I find hard to pray for. Pretty soon you find out it isn't so hard to pray for them afterall.

    Thank you for your lovely compliment.