May 2, 2012

Funeral and More

This post is mostly for my 2 sisters who weren't able to go to Grandma's funeral.... one being due with a baby next month and the other being due with a baby as well as living in Germany.

 The Church (St. Augustine's but after the merger Divine Mercy Parish) is beautiful.
 We are related to just about all the people who are named in each of the windows.
 Bummer this is so blurry as the High Altar is gorgeous.
 And so were the Stations!  They were huge and just so beautiful.
 In paradiso.  I like to hope that this was Grandma being wheeled into Heaven.

 I had never seen a casket placed into the vault and lowered into the grave before.

 The embossing on the vault was something I never knew about. This one had a crucifix and her name and dates.
 Grandpa died exactly 1 year before Frodo was baptized.... the Feast of St. Francis de Sales (not sure whether that is the new or old calendar...)
 Great Uncle John and his wife Amelia
 Great Aunt Catherine  ("Cathern" haha)
 I believe this is Great Great Grandpa Francis' grave (to the left) and his wife Winifred Henry (?) in the middle and Great Aunt Catherine at the end.  I believe this is the "Francis O'Brien" named in one of the Church windows.
 My rose from the "Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother" bouquet.

 Luncheon with the "horn rolls"
 Bridey with Marigold
 Dad with Marigold
 Bridey & me
 Marigold helping with the garbage in the hotel.

We decided to take a tour of Grandma's neighborhoods....
 Grandma's house was painted and changed a little but kept up nicely anyway. (The strawberry patch is gone... )
 Svoboda's house... where we used to get in alot of noisy trouble with those little firecrackers haha
 We discovered that my family was also making the same tour and we came between the 2 cars, appearing as stalkers in a black mercedes with tinted windows. hahahahaha
 Great Aunt Catherine's house... it's no longer pink.
 Grandma's old out. They moved out of here in 1973 to the other house. It must have been my 4th birthday celebrated here, I was distraught because my cake was a coconut bunny... to which I have never been fond of coconut.  hahaha 
 St. Augustine's (Divine Mercy now)

 The Sun newspaper.
 We make a traffic jam.
 This is the court where Grandpa was the district attorney.
 The "dime store" is now the 99c store if that says anything.    I suppose when I'm 96 the "dollar store" will be a $10 store.
 The graineries... I should have taken a picture of "Wagners"
 Didier's... cutest name for a grocery store after "Piggly Wiggly"
 Kolaches... the much coveted pastry... and very tasty I might add.
 Dinner with the family.
 The whole group.
 What would a traveling blog be without some pictures of windmills?
 This is how big one of the "arms" is.  They are huge.
 Last week we attended a spring show at the local Catholic School. It was absolutely precious.  It was amazing who well those children sang.

 Ok.... I want a set of these. I think I'd like to be a traveling bongo playing family. This was very well done.

 We had kittens the other day, the are in the back of the wood boiler in the insulation... not sure what kind of brain damage that will incur.
 Never a dull moment.  We had someone in our woods... and even planted a camera... for animals but still. Hello?  So we returned the camera to the cop and left him to deal with trespassers.
 Yeah... that's snow.  But today is near 90.
 I have weird children.
Barrel Riders.  I really should post the videos, they cracked me up.

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  1. Thank you for the funeral pictures. God willing I would love to have a funeral like that.
    God bless you and your grandmother.