May 15, 2012

Welcome to My World

 Bilbo and Poppy... sometimes they are cute, sometimes they are... disturbing nuts crazy exasperating destructive cute.
 I'd like to know whose big idea it was to conduct a science experiment in the breadbox.  In case your creative homeschooled child is interested I believe the contents of this experiment consisted of a towel, some garden gloves (in the bread box?!) and some other prone-to-mold items.  Welcome to my world.
 I don't know how I forgot to post this. My SIL surprised me at choir near my birthday with a little party.  The Sparkling Pink Catawba (sp?) was very good and the fudge was... out of this world... and the other thing was a cupcake decorated as a hamburger hahahahaha.... I guess the cuphamburgercake beat the cupcookiemonstercake.  That said, it was very tasty.... albeit hilarious!
 You can bet when you see pictures of Tintin in the dew on the greenhouse that Frodo has been there.
 The giant remains of an oversized dandelion courtesy of Eleanor.
 Frodo as... umm... something and I have no idea what Eleanor is doing.  Frodo's life plan is to be a priest-then-pope who drives a race car.  Um.... well, let's just say that will be a fast interesting pope-mobile...
 I was sitting on my couch enjoying the scenery when I asked myself "What is that?!"  Well, if you put clemetines into the potato gun you get a rainfall of clementine peals.  However, after several rains of peals I guess the next one shot out pefectly... umm... ok.
 We got some of the giant pumpkins growing, the leaves are about the size of my hand.
 We also planted a plethera of yellow-eyed beans which are suppose to be "better" for making things like baked beans. 
 One pumpkin growing inside the greenhouse
 We also planted a whole bunch of onions... um... I mean alot of onions (a whole bunch of bunches) not just one whole bunch.  haha
Just a novena shy of turning 1

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